Branding Strategy

Despite its significant economic and social contribution to Tasmania, it was clear to BBAMZ members, through its own social surveys, that the region had low brand recognition among Tasmanians. In the north of the state, brand recognition was significantly higher than in southern Tasmania, where the state’s capital city, Hobart is located.

With support from RDA Tasmania, BBAMZ was successful in securing a Population Growth Strategy grant from the Department of State Growth to raise the profile of Bell Bay. The grant has been used to create a brand and marketing strategy. The plan encourages future investment in Bell Bay. New employment opportunities are expected as a result of this investment and the region is being promoted as a great place to live, work and play.

“For a small state, Tasmania packs a big punch in all aspects from the culture of the people to agriculture, tourism, mining and manufacturing and through collaboration we can go onto bigger and better things.”

Roger Aalbregt, AP Kempe & BBAMZ member