Case Studies

Success Through Collaboration

Collaboration and partnerships are at the core of BBAMZ’s purpose. After a call for expressions of interest, in October 2018, we contracted respected training provider, SRTA...

KEEN Partners

An initiative of BBAMZ, group training provider, Key Education and Employment Network (KEEN Partners Pty Ltd) was established in 2018 to enhance employment opportunities and provide skilled labour for the region.

Internship - Ben Howard

Ben Howard is officially KEEN’s first employee, having secured full-time employment as a result of the company’s involvement in the internship programme.

Branding Strategy

Despite its significant economic and social contribution to Tasmania, it was clear to BBAMZ members, through its own social surveys, that the region had low brand recognition amongst Tasmanians.

Community Education

Recognising the importance of education to creating vibrant and sustainable communities, BBAMZ is investing in career education and training directly with Tasmanian schools and job seekers.