Cluster Membership

What is the Bell Bay Hydrogen Cluster?

The Bell Bay Hydrogen Cluster (BBH2) is a regional ecosystem of related industries and businesses, linking with local enterprises and government departments and initiatives to work collaboratively to grow and develop the hydrogen industry for local, national and international markets.

Why is BBH2 good for business?

BBH2 aims to accelerate connections and the development of specialised expertise, services, resources, suppliers and skills​ across the private and government sectors. It is the pathway for new opportunities in the hydrogen industry to be maximised for Tasmanian business.

How does BBH2 work?

BBH2 links cluster members with each other and to new entrants into the Tasmanian hydrogen sector through a variety of methods – direct contact, networking events, newsletters and other information dissemination.

BBH2 will compliment export hydrogen hubs and large-scale demonstration projects to ensure that local business can maximise their exposure to new opportunities.

What is the difference between a Hydrogen Cluster and a Hydrogen Hub?​

A hydrogen hub, such as the Bell Bay Green Hydrogen Hub, is a physical location that aggregate manufacturers of hydrogen in the area to make the most efficient use of infrastructure such as power, water and port.

Hubs are developed to enable more cost-effective development of supply chain infrastructure​ and to localise the expertise, skills and technical capability need to support a hydrogen industry.

Physical hubs promote hydrogen-sector coupling of businesses and government services and support innovation​ across the divergent requirements of the emerging hydrogen industry.