Community Education

Recognising the importance of education to creating vibrant and sustainable communities, BBAMZ is investing in career education and training directly with Tasmanian schools and job seekers.

Through engagement with local schools, BBAMZ is raising awareness with teachers and students of the opportunities within advanced manufacturing industries. Part of this knowledge building includes efforts to negate misconceptions about the value of trades. The sophisticated and advancing nature of manufacturing means employers are, and will continue in the future, to rely less on manual handling skills as they look for trades people who are problem solvers, innovators and tech-savvy designers and developers.

At a local level, BBAMZ is educating and informing the community through a jobs fair which is currently being planned. Students, teachers, job-seekers and community members will be able to find out more about the developing nature of the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone as well as meet meet with business leaders as part of the jobs fair.

“I get to work with some amazing people who give me the freedom to explore different ideas and pathways to achieve outcomes not just for their business but also for the local community. They are passionate about their industry and I can’t help but share their enthusiasm.”

Susie Bower, project officer, BBAMZ

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