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Member benefits include:

  • Increasing resilience of businesses by diversifying into new markets
  • Leveraging opportunities to be more efficient
  • Investigating opportunities to achieve cost savings or cost avoidance for businesses by collaborating
  • Connecting businesses with Government programs
  • Investigating collaborative tendering opportunities for new markets
  • Networking with other businesses in and outside of the precinct
  • Raising the profile of manufacturing in Bell Bay
  • Investigating new businesses for the Bell Bay precinct to grow the number of jobs
  • Advocacy role with State and Commonwealth governments
  • Liaising with local and state government on potential developments for Bell Bay

How to become a member

Contact Susie Bower via email or call Susie on 0427 311 400

“Operating from within the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone has allowed TEMCO the platform it needs to ensure its product gets to its international and domestic markets easily for its customers.”
Anna-May Fauconnier, vice president of operations, South32 TEMCO