High quality Infrastructure

Bell Bay offers a unique combination of location, quality infrastructure and value for business including:

  • an established and diversified business base with opportunities for all sizes of industry
  • a stable, multi-skilled, advanced and technically proficient workforce that has a track record of dealing with the complexities and requirements of multi-national companies
  • close proximity to main transport systems: road, sea, rail and air
  • adjacent to a major deep water port which handles domestic and international bulk goods as well as container services
  • excellent connectivity to services (electricity, water, gas, and the national broadband network)
  • appropriately zoned land at competitive prices
  • a supportive and proactive local council with a ‘can do’ attitude
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Electricity supply runs adjacent to all land titles in both the light industrial and heavy industrial subdivisions. Identified available capacity from the George Town substation is as follows:

  • 24MW at 22,000 volts
  • 230MW at 110,000 volts
  • 273MW at 222,000 volt

Tasmania is in the enviable position of generating the majority of its electricity needs from renewable sources. This occurs predominately from Tasmania’s extensive hydro generation and storage schemes, but also with significant contributions from Tasmanian wind farms.

Tasmanian renewable energy is also exported via Basslink undersea cable to assist in meeting interstate demand, with the interconnector also used to import electricity.


The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline supplies natural gas to Tasmania with the main pipeline running adjacent to the nearby East Tamar highway. The gas network route extends to provide a natural gas option to businesses in both the light industrial and heavy industrial areas.

Any prospective client could access the high pressure transmission pipeline and also the low pressure distribution pipeline which is reticulated through the zones.

The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline has the capacity to transport 129 TJ/day of natural gas to Tasmania. The current supply and demand profile for natural gas in Tasmania demonstrates that there is ample natural gas available to meet the level of demand required by heavy industry.

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Tasmania was the first state in Australia to benefit from being connected to the national broadband network (NBN). This super-fast broadband technology provides Tasmania with the speed and integrity of digital technology demanded by business and industry in the 21st century.

NBN fixed line services are available in the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone for connection.


The Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone is well serviced with a reliable and constant water supply and benefits from Tasmania’s significant water resources.

It is worth noting that while Tasmania represents only 0.9 per cent of Australia’s land area the state has approximately 12 per cent of the nation’s total freshwater resources. As such, there is an abundance of water supply.

Both raw (untreated) and reticulated treated supply of water is available to the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone. The main TasWater trunk pipeline runs adjacent to East Tamar Highway and provides services to both the heavy and light industrial zones. The pipe sizes into the zone range from 100 mm - 450 mm.

The George Town Waste Water Treatment Plant is located in the zone and services George Town. Subject to the relevant approvals, this treatment plant is accessible for the disposal of waste water for businesses in the Zone.

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