Register for the Capability Map

BBAMZ and the Hydrogen Cluster BBH2 are set to commence the supply chain mapping exercise for the hydrogen industry. This will work in partnership with the NERA-operated Capability Mapping to deliver a clear picture on what current manufacturing/ service industry capability is and what future hydrogen supply chains will need to deliver.

The capability mapping will deliver two things – an understanding of what can be done by industry right now and access to the national market where hydrogen proponents Australia-wide can access a database of businesses who can supply their requirements.

The capability mapping study for business can be accessed here - EconomX

This will require the setting up of an account/ password but allows businesses to enter a vast array of information which will assist proponents to find you when they need services, products or expertise.

The supply chain mapping will provide for members a clear indication of what the emerging hydrogen industry will need and how your business can meets those needs, or adjust operations to do so.